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About Cory Micek

When it comes to Cory there is no hiding his passion for enhancing the user experience. Clearly a pioneer in his field, Cory is able to see an opportunity a mile away. His innate creativity and technical sense guide him through the front-end development, user interface design for the web and mobile. Because of his forward thinking nature, this maverick can convince everyone that they too can create anything their heart’s desire.

  • David and Pamela Greene“Gifted in branding and design, Cory Micek is a visionary liaison between client and industry, transforming your ideas into artistic creations. When refining the MoodShift® app, we once asked “What difference does it make to correct details that cannot be seen?” His answer – “Because I know it’s there”. Exceeding industry standards, Cory is a maverick in his field.”

    David and Pamela Greene — Creators of the MoodShift® App
  • Jim Carter III

    Cory’s a stand up guy. We have worked on enough projects & ventures together that I’m confident in recommending his dedication and passion for what he’s best at. You want this man on your team.

    Jim Carter III